Sam the Butcher Figure review

Sam the Butcher, Neros latest piece, I must say is quite a good one. The box art is colourful in the Uncle Sam Colours with an American Flag backdrop.

Inside are 6 well packed light grey resin parts, that appear to go together quite well when dry fitted. There will be minimal cleaning required and all will be well.

I like the pose of this piece, being quite dramatic.

Uncle Sams story is quite unusual and is on the original post on the site, in Random category. Not what I expected, but sort of explains this piece.

Personally, when or should I say,  if I , paint this, more than likely I will paint him in a more normal looking suit so as not to be political, however, if done right as per box would look very lively.

I know this may not be everyone cup of tea, but its a beauty.

It is also limited edition, with only 50 pieces world wide.

Don’t miss out, grab one while they last.