Midguard , Einar the Berserker, Figure Review

So to kick things off, here is my first review, with more to come over time.

This is the first figure that Midguard released, and me personally, am impressed.

Its a big piece of resin, giving very good value for your dollar indeed.

There are a total of 5 pieces to put together, there is a little cleaning up to do, but nothing to0 dramatic.

The detail in the casting is excellent, leaving this to be a fun project to paint for sure, especially with the detail in his back and those tattoos on his side which are cast in, I’m thinking a nice glow effect.

My only area I don’t like is the axe head, but that’s just a personal thing, and I would probably make my own in a more traditional viking style.

If you like fantasy/sci fi, then I’m pretty sure you would enjoy painting this one for sure.