Fer Miniatures, Anglo Saxon Warrior, Figure Review

Fer miniatures have been producing high quality figures now for quite some time, with a wide range of subject in all genres, but Historical pieces being their main range.

This Anglo Saxon Warrior is one of their latest in this range in 75 mm scale.

Its pose is very dramatic, standing proud, ready to go to Combat, with all his gear on.

It comes in the typical Fer Plastic box, with 16 grey resin parts all well cast with minimal cleaning required. There is a little warpage on the spear, but this is an easy fix with with some heat and bringing it back into shape or using a piece timber, as a substitute.

As with all resin Figures, you should always take care when cutting parts and cleaning up any imperfections you may find, especially on very fine parts.

When I look at this , I think it could be painted up as either an Anglo Saxon, or a Viking, both very similar.

Over all, another great piece from Fer.